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Kimberly Parks, Philip Palumbo, Faye Nicholson, Shelly Morgan, Emily Million, Phillip Miles, Katherine Andrews, Brandon Brywczynski, Dennishia Howell, Lance LaVanway

Rating System:

1 - 5 stars system will be used to rate each of the resources.
(1 star signifies poor and 5 stars signifies great)


  • * * * * *- updated everyday with meaningful thoughts, tips, and ideas. Creative and innovative. If it's a blog, there is a consistent exchange and the author reflects back to visitors that respond. There is also research to support the ideas from the blogger.

  • * * *- updated monthly. Thoughts, tips, and ideas seem to be useful to the teacher. They might be subject or grade specific. If it's a blog, the author may or may not reflect back. Sometimes the author supports his opinions and other times it's strictly just his/her thoughts.

  • *- The site has not been updated in a considerable amount of time. The technology tips don't seem relevant to the classroom or are simply out of date.